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          Yannian Introduction






          At the foot of the Yulu Mountain, on the beach ofthe Xiangjiang River, next to the Orange Island, is Yannian Hotel, a-century-year-old one.

          In 2005Yannian Hotelwas established with the spirit of craftsman as the guideline, the idea of "based in Changsha, spreading acrossHunan province and extending to the whole country" as its target. Based on the strategy of "brand development", after more than ten years of practice, exploration, innovation and perseverance, Yannian has become a leader in medium-high brands of hotel industry in Hunan Province, and opened up an investment and operation manner with Yannian style. At present, it has been in control of about 11 hotels, nearly 2,000 guest rooms and a business area covering over 150,000 square meters. Therefore, Yannian has won its title as "Hunan famous brand",Vice President of Hunan Tourism and HotelAssociation.

          To be general, to be subtle,we insist on the "warm and elegant" style and commit ourselves to creating high-quality hotel products from the professional perspective of New Oriental’s aesthetics. We carefully polish every detail with our standardized service and devote ourselves to providing customers with the enjoyment of "feeling warm all the time".

          Choose the right position, expanding with wisdom. We abide by the principle of "making each hotel be the best", finding the right location and working intensively. We see integrity as cornerstone, stability as tactics, and focus on the core competitive power of products.

          Keep kindness in our deep heart, benefiting to all. We adhere to the philosophy of "never betraying each other, being united as a whole" and provide our employees with a platform for realizing self-worth and contribute their own power to the society. We have set up a special charity fund to donate to poor students, support rural construction, focus on the healthy growth of young people and help poor families of employees.

          Open with justice, moving forward with credibility. We firmly believe the concept of "complete service, high-quality of hotel chains brand". Focus on hotel area, expand the scale of the chain, pay more attention to its quality, and become more successful as the model in our business. It is our great honor to express our gratitude for your moving forward along with us. Let us walk together towards to our common goal of building up “a-century-year-old Yannian”.
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